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The batch name is the strain/product name on the COA you will receive from our lab.

(For marijuana this will be the METRC tag that will be associated with the portion of cannabis we are taking for testing. For hemp this is simply your own internal batch numbers.)

This is the name or number that you use internally. For example, two 15 lb batches of Runtz buds came from the same "Runtz 1/25/21" harvest lot


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The fields below are for cannabinoid extracts and products

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Ex: One bottle of 10 capsules = 10 per retail unit.

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This is the expected THC or CBD content of your sample, and is required for labeling accuracy on cannabinoid products.

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The unit size lets us know how to scale your potency results to your unit of sale

Already has control study?

If your product has already passed a control study then we will schedule (and charge!) for fewer samples to be taken.

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(copies everything except Batch ID into a new batch)

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(expedite request, preferred dates, alternate contact, etc.)

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